Turning back the hands of time

Honestly, do you really know an “Imme” when you see it? Possibly, you just need to, to answer the decisive question of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Rather than having to veto the question or putting it to the audience simply pay a visit to the Museum Hofmühle.

The Museum has answers to many questions: What is the connection of the Prince Regent with our traditional costume? Who were the Probsts? How do you make a rope from hemp? Why was the Persian Empress Soraya interested in Immenstadt?
Our museum spans the time from Immenstadt's medieval origins as a town to the age of the computer. It tells you unique anecdotes and throws spotlights on the past centuries. It doesn't bury you in information but encourages you to interact with the exhibits, particularly in the industrial history department.
On more than 1000sqm exhibition space, the museum is a delight for the inquisitive visitor, young and old. And, the museum itself isn't simply a modern building housing exhibition pieces, but an old and eloquent “lady”, which used to be one of the most productive corn mills in the whole district of Swabia. As such the museum is itself part of our industrial heritage.
In addition to the permanent display, the Heimatverein Immenstadt, as the supporting body of the museum, is hosting interesting temporary exhibitions and cultural events, providing a stimulating environment for our local art.
History of Immenstadt
Life in the vicinity of water
Domestic life
Dress or costume?
Portraits of the middle classes
Pictures of a town
Religious life
The museum within the museum: A sudeten german display room
Commercial Immenstadt
Made in Immenstadt: twine, the “Imme”, high quality socks
The call of the mountains: hiking and winter sports
Museum Hofmühle,
An der Aach 14,
87509 Immenstadt
telephone: 08323/3663
fax: 08323/9988-6545
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internet: www.museum-hofmuehle.de
opening hours
Wednesday to Sunday 2pm - 5pm
entry fees
adults: 3,00 €
adults with guestcard (e.g. Allgäu-Walser-Card): 2,50 €
children, students, national service, disabled: 2,00 €
families (2 adults and children): 7,50 €
families with guestcard: 6,50 €